To You, In Some Future Time From Now

imagine a god. now imagine
a benevolent one. why isn’t
benevolence our first instinct
in the divine?

++++++++++let us destroy the names.
let us carry our boys—twig-boned and
bird-fleshed and too small to call
beautiful—let us carry them to their
pyres with benevolent intent.
the road to hell is paved with
the wrong idea of god.
++++++++++the wrong idea of
divinity shadows its way to our brains
until the mind is infected. call this virus
wisdom. the right men have it. only
the men have it. the rest of us are too
frail to carry this sickness. already too
weak to harbor

++++++++++infection. remember
the daily prayers. we spin them into cloth
we drape over ourselves like protection.
in some future time they will remember us.
in some future they will look back and recall
the truly wise were here, under the cloth
with our hands pressed together. our mouths
open and waiting and filled with fruit


Sage is an MFA candidate and COMP fellow at St. Mary’s College in California. Their poetry appears/will appear in Flypaper MagazineNorth American Review, Penn Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, The Rumpus, and elsewhere.