Jade Mitchell

A Poem In Which I Move to the City

& I am the loneliest I have ever been inside
of my body, despite the skin I shed each night,
despite all the attempts to begin anew.

I am learning forgiveness like a ghost learns
to haunt: it stays, no matter where the body goes.

& if this isn’t home, let me leave again.
let me tear down every wall you’ve ever held me against.

I don’t want to remember the gutter, or the roses
drowned in water, beauty torn from bone.

The haystack is made of needles now
and I’m done searching for answers in what hurts,
so tell me:

if I walk back to the hurricane that storms,
++++++would you heal?


Jade Mitchell is a poet based in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a poetry reader for Up The Staircase Quarterly. Her work has been featured in Words Dance, Persephone’s Daughters, L’Éphémère Review, and others. Her work can be found on her blog: vagabondly.tumblr.com