Editor’s Note | Vol. 1, Issue 2

Welcome back, dear readers!

It’s hard to believe Beech Street Review has already come to its second installment. We are, of course, much later than we’d hoped, but as the old cliche goes, better late than never.

It’s been a rough month. Hell, it’s been a rough year. It seems every day, the news brings us something else to fear; if not that, then it’s yet another beloved cultural icon whose time on this earth has come to pass. I’ve always believed that poetry can be a powerful force of resistance (which seems as necessary as it ever was) but also a source of healing & comfort in troubled times.  This newest issue, I think, has some of everything.

Whatever it is you need today, I hope you can find it here.


Happy reading,

William James
editor-in-chief, Beech St. Review