Fitz Fitzpatrick

Anything other than “I Love You” rots the soil

If everyone only wore black clothing,
then what would we wear to funerals?

Perhaps all the flowers
we leave on gravestones.

We weave them together,
let them wilt upon our bodies

as an expression of our grief.
All those red rose thorns prick

our skin and remind us
we are left behind.

I would not have a dedicated shirt
to wear on days like this.

So perhaps I would not have
a dedicated face either.

Maybe all of us would speak
more honest if like the day we were born

We met this moment naked
with all our regrets,

Our last words resting on the ground
like wilted roses.


Fitz is a performance poet based out of Spokane Washington where they have made it their mission to fall in love with strangers through the written and spoken word. They were a member of the 2015 and 2016 Spokane National Poetry Slam teams and are representing Spokane in the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam. Their work has appeared in numerous local publications such as Riverlit, Heavyedit, Love and Outrage and the local anthology “I am a town”. Other than hosting and performing in local slams they have featured as a poet in Spokane LGBT Pride, numerous social justice events, opened for traveling punk bands and also opened for queer poet legend Andrea Gibson. In their “spare time” they run a weekly poetry open mic called “Broken Mic”, roll around on sidewalks with local cats and practice changing the world through compassion and actually laughing out loud. Their chapbook “Chocolate Cake: and Other Metaphors for my Feelings” is currently available at Aunties Bookstore or upon request by emailing them directly at