Caseyrenée Lopez

Organic Material

trying on different skins
i’ve been half boy girl

faggot dyke princess
femme maybe invisible.

i kill myself everyday
shed my skin cell by cell

until i’m clean and new
until i’m a virgin again.

i peel the fat parts of my
self away, toss them on

the dirty floor. watch
stinging flies buzz around

the meat of me. i’m
deconstructed. i’m red hair

like copper, blood so iron rich
my body is a foundry.

my stretch marks are maps
that lead to nowhere, signs

that point vying eyes in the
wrong direction. would it be

easier if my body was liquid?
if i sloshed in different cups,

pouring foam off the top.
i could take the shape of tin

glass bronze but never ugly
plastic. never wholly synthetic.


Caseyrenée Lopez is an educator, editor, and poet. Their debut full-length collection, i was born dead, is forthcoming from ELJ Editions in 2018. Follow them on Twitter @caseyreneelopez.