Anna Binkovitz

Self Portrait With Twilight

all my scars fade silver and purple and I think
my wish may come true+++ my body+++ a sky+++ relinquished
by the sun++++ left to a light more wispy++++ a wine

more full-bodied++++ this is why i hate the healing
bruise its plum turned sickly sun meager
leaf on my leg++++ i want it all preserved++++ beet-colored

and immortal++++ time capsules you can’t open
without ruining++++ the locked rooms of restless hands
with a razor or fingernail sliding under the doormat

of scab +++++++ there is a full moon scarred into my ankle
surface tension of a water droplet++++ on the thirstiest
nights i lick each ridge like a fine coat of mist++++ like

it will open into a lake++++ a rainstorm++++ i never have to walk out of


i have a good life, and even when it isn’t, I have language for that too.

bent spoons in my mouth / i make them into rings / marry so many moments everyone’s bride / nobody’s wife / i throw the bouquet one petal at a time / so no one thinks to catch me / or follow the path back, / step careful over each rose hair / something precious / but only when new / no one wants a flower that rough-edged refusing to gently bend under pressure / delicate is fine / but only when we can pretend it is unbroken by the negligent hand / sure, now i am the flower preserved between pages / in a book / the outline of my body / a stain / a biography / a coffin here are my limits / this is where i stopped / and next to it / nothing


The punk ass lovechild of Morticia Adams and Betty Boop, Anna Binkovitz is a performance poet from Minneapolis. A 2014 honors graduate from Macalester College and 2012 CUPSI finalist, Anna’s work can be found in Muzzle Magazine, Public Pool, and the Huffington Post as well as elsewhere. When not writing or performing Anna is often found only hanging out with the dog at the party or reading at the bar.